Our Mission

Erasing the stigma and providing hope


Raising money and creating awareness for mental health


Through education, community and love


Those we have lost - or almost lost - are more than statistics


In the fall of 2018, Don Gilman reached a low point in his life. Everything seemed to be falling apart. So he made a decision to take a hiatus from school, to focus on work and his mental health. A passionate climber for 20 years, he felt inspired to climb as many mountains in a year as he could, and remembered an old idea to climb 52 mountains in 52 weeks. Then it occurred to him that he could bring a bigger purpose to this project, and decided to combine his passions of mountaineering and suicide prevention to raise money and awareness, and so Climb to the Light was born. Read more here.

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Let's do this together

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Meet the Team

Don Gilman

Don Gilman

Campaign founder/rock rat

Don has been climbing for 20 years, becoming hooked on mountaineering after climbing Mt. Thielsen in Oregon in 1998. As someone who has dealt with depression and suicide for much of his life, he recently combined his passion for suicide prevention and mountain climbing and Climb to the Light was born!

Anne Jones

Anne Jones

CFO/Campaign Caterer

Climb to the light is such an inspirational concept to my heart and my Soul.
Getting out in nature and walking the Earth is a restorative and healing practice.
I know that hiking and climbing assists and supports one’s wellbeing.
I want to be present with any and everyone in need of support and the desire to heal while here on this Earth.
May we move forward!

Chris Zollinger

Chris Zollinger

Campaign Filmmaker

As soon as I heard about what Don was doing with Climb to the Light I wanted to contribute, as I have been affected by depression with the sudden death of my sister and the many suicides of friends. I love to film in nature so my hope is to create beautiful films for a great cause with the help of Grass Roots Films.


Let's talk about climbing


We are, those of us with long-term mental illness, constantly fighting a battle with ourselves, but it should not be a battle of anger or aggression. Our weapons are kindness and compassion and most of all, awareness. We must be peaceful warriors.